What Our Customers Say

“Metal Crushing Chemicals Ltd provided us with a truly professional service. It was great to be able to have them deliver a total package which exceeded our expectations"
Garry More
Cooperate Constructions
“We appreciated the high level of customer service from Metal Crushing Chemicals Ltd and their “can do” attitude. We look forward to working with them again”
Mary Bright
Soft Crusher .co
“In Metal Crushing Chemicals Ltd we have found a company with not only dependable services and processes, but are also willing to find the right products and quality clients need. We were impressed by their ability to meet our specific needs and their strong customer service. We are looking forward to a long and beneficial working relationship together.”
Joseph J Grant
Iron Welding LTD
“We at Quantum Chemicals have been dealing with Metal Crushing Chemicals Ltd since they came into existence some Ten and a half years ago. We have used their services for crushing, dissolving and/or repacking all manner of chemicals, including dangerous goods. Their service is always professional and courteous and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone”
Ali Mohamed
Quantum Chemicals
“I received my goods and hurry to write this comment. The quality of product just looks great. I compared with that of my friend and its absolutely different. Metal Crushing Chemicals Ltd was the best in all way , shape and form , not to talk of the quality , just amazing”
Annie Bams
Metal Bending Cop
“I am very satisfied, because I was scared sending payment through Bitcoins but i am shocked now cause the product came through and quality is just as specified the Caluanie Muelear Oxidize i got was super awesome. We need more every month now”
Johnny Brown
Iron & Iron Machineries

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